Prescribing Guidelines:

• Brigham Health Acute Opioid Use Guidelines
• Brigham Health Chronic Opioid Use Guidelines

• Massachusetts Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool: MassPAT)

• Brigham and Women’s Magazine – Summer, 2016

BWH Pharmacy Medication and Disease Management Guidelines:
• Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham & Women’s Hospital Pain Management Tables and Guidelines (“Pink Book”)
• Perioperative Management of Buprenorphine DAG
• Mucositis Pain Treatment Guidelines

Pain Policies from the BWH Administrative Manual:
• Pain Management Policy
• Algorithm for Opioid Induced Respiratory Depression
• Continuous Intravenous Opioids
• Continuous & Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA)
• Bolus Neuraxial (i.e. Epidural or Intrathecal) Opioid Administration
• Nitrous Oxide (N2O:O2 50:50) Use in the Center for Labor & Birth
• Intravenous Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)
• Peripheral Nerve Catheter (PNC)
• Management of Chronic Pain Patients with Controlled Substances Policy
• Guideline for Management of Pain, Agitation and/or Delirium (PAD) in the Adult Mechanically Ventilated/ Intensive Care Unit Patient

Massachusetts Opioid Law/Regulation Primers:
• Massachusetts law about prescription medication: A compilation of laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on prescription medication law
• Mass. Opioid Legislation Practice Guide
• Fact Sheet: An Act Relative to Substance Use Treatment, Education and Prevention

International Association for the Study of Pain Fact Sheets:
• Pain after Surgery Patient Overview IASP 2017 #1
• Pain after Surgery Health Professionals IASP 2017 #2
• Pathophysiology of Acute Pain IASP 2017 #3
• Chronic Postsurgical Pain IASP 2017 #4
• Postsurgical Pain Management IASP 2017 #5
• Behavioral Risk Factors and Management for Pain after Surgery IASP 2017 #6
• Pediatric Pain after Surgery IASP 2017 #7
• Pain after Surgery in Older Adults IASP 2017 #8
• Pain after Surgery Preop Opioid Patients IASP 2017 #9
• Pain after Surgery Cancer Surgery IASP 2017 #10
• Pain after Surgery Critical Care IASP 2017 #11
• Acupuncture for Acute Pain IASP 2017 #12
• Pain Management for CPSP Patients IASP 2017 #13
• Outcome Measures for Pain After Surgery IASP 2017 #14