Interactive Clinical Vignettes

Opioid Overdose Risk and Naloxone

This "Pain Education Interactive Module" was published by the NIH Pain Consortium, through their Centers of Excellence in Pain Education (CoEPEs) program. It was developed by faculty at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and University of St. Louis, with the following objectives:

◊ Identify diagnostic criteria for opioid use disorder (OUD)

◊ Describe risk factors for OUD

◊ Develop a risk mitigation plan

◊ Identify patients at risk of opioid overdose

◊ Describe signs and symptoms of opioid overdose

◊ Describe how to administer various formulations of naloxone

{Note: the module is not presently available in its video format; thus, this link will download only the pdf transcript version.}

Managing Pain Patients Who Abuse Prescription Drugs

The above modules were published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The objectives are to learn the importance of:

◊ Screening

◊ Follow up care, and

◊ Other precautions when prescribing opioids.

Pathways to Safer Opioid Use

This self-guided interactive video, produced by the Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, allows you to make decisions in the roles of 4 different characters (i.e., primary care physician, nurse, pharmacist, and patient) to learn about the appropriate, safe, and effective use of opioids to manage chronic pain.

The Objectives are to learn how to:

◊ Apply health literacy strategies to help patients understand how to prevent opioid-related adverse drug events (ADEs)

◊ Identify risk factors, opioid medications, and interactions that increase people’s risk for opioid-related ADE

◊ Use a multidisciplinary, team-based approach for treating patients with chronic pain

◊ Combine the principles of the Health Literate Care Model and the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain management through case study examples

{Note: the course takes about an hour to complete and it is not possible to save your place if you have to stop, so ensure you have enough time before you begin.}